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“When handling pet relocation, the well-being of the animal is my priority. I am personally dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for the pets from start to finish. I pay attention to what is best for the animal, and not only on what owners want.”

Stress-free and zero complications

Kelvin gave us the most thorough and comprehensive service in relocating Bertie, our labradoodle from Singapore to the UK. His attention to detail and organization skills meant that Bertie was extremely well taken care of during his journey.

Smooth journey from start to end

Moving pets is a stressful experience even for short distances. Kelvin Koh provided us with more than peace of mind. He had good relationships with contacts at every point of our two cats’ journey from Singapore to New York via Frankfurt.

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Moving to a different country is unsettling for human beings and even more so for fur kids who don’t understand what’s happening. Imagine being packed into a compact carrier and transported to different places along the way, surrounded by strange noises, smells and strangers; as well as the occasional turbulence while in an aircraft. The least you could do to minimize your pet’s stress is to choose the right pet mover.

Do you need assistance for your caring pets?

We are availabe to assist all your pet needs and more.

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